Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's More of a Need

Have you ever heard
"I want a boy who will build me bookshelves."
 My situation is slightly different.
I need a boy who will build me bookshelves.
I suppose if he wants to toss in a library and a cup of coffee while he's at it I wouldn't object. :) 
Hey, as long as I'm dreamin' here I may as well shoot for the moon. ;)
 Okay, so maybe I don't really need bookshelves...yet, but I will very soon if I keep hitting the book lovers' jackpot.
I went shopping today with my mom and two of my sisters. At one place I found several book series in good condition, how could I not get them?
If only you could have seen the look of shock on my mother's face as I approached her with a stack of books reaching up to my chin.
"You're not getting all those are you?!"
 I did.
There are going to be many sleepless nights around here until I've finished all these. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Practice, Practice and More Practice

I stopped taking pictures for a few months while helping to care for my great grandmother.
But I do have some ideas for photos and just need to get around to taking them.